Pioneering a Cleaner Digital Future

Empowering the digital world with innovative, sustainable data center solutions using clean renewable energy and efficient water management

On the edge of the Southern California desert sits an abundance of land, geothermal and solar power, and access to national long-haul and dark fiber networks.

CalEthos is utilizing these resources to build a large-scale, clean energy powered data center campus to serve the growing AI, Cloud and HPC computing needs of the ever-expanding digital world


CalEthos’ Data Center Development is in the heart of Lithium Valley…one of the World’s Largest Lithium Deposits

3,000-megawatt geothermal reserve and enough Lithium to meet all of the United States and 40% of the world’s projected future EV battery demand.

Location Benefits

3,000 megawatts of geothermal energy and 1,000 megawatts of solar energy and battery storage. Surrounded by highly reliable high-voltage transmission lines connected to nearby geothermal and solar power plants.

Additional transmission lines are being developed to support the expansion of existing and planned new power plants over the next 3-5 years.

Today, the grid can deliver up to 500MWs to CalEthos’ site… in the near future, 1GW or more.

CalEthos Data Center Area

Existing Geothermal Power Plants​

Planned Geothermal Power Plants​

Solar Farms​

Transmission Lines​

Low Latency Connectivity

CalEthos’ location provides it with access to several key long-haul fiber networks that offer low-latency connectivity through diverse geographically-routed paths to major network hubs. 

One-way Latency:

3.25ms to San Diego

3.50ms to Los Angeles 

4.00ms to Phoenix

5.00ms to Las Vagas

Development Specs

For additional information, download the CalEthos Data Center Project Brochure

Management Team


Chief Executive


President and


Chief Strategy and Development Officer


VP of Data
Center Development

Development Partners

Best In Class

Data Center Design, Engineering Site Assessment & Feasibility
Grid Delivery Assessment, Strategy, Engineering & Substation Design
Fiber Route Development, Engineering and Permit Package Development
Construction Project and Cost Management


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